How to Recover Files from Corrupted Hard Drive?

Worried on how to recover files from corrupted hard drive? You need not worry, as long as you have Easy File Recovery software. As the software recovers files from corrupted or damaged hard drive after severe virus infection, file system corruption, bad sectors, formatting errors, etc. Stop worrying, and straightaway download this free Easy File Recovery Software on your system to retrive your files from corrupted or inaccessible hard drive.

Have you ever come across situations like hard drive damage which resulted in losing of large amount of data from it? In such cases, you obviously think of giving it to professional recovery service centers to recover the files and repair it which cost you a handsome amount of money. So the best suggestion is opt for a recovery tool which gives best result worth your money. When it comes to recovery you think of selecting the best tool, which gives you the accurate retrieval of your lost / deleted files. You need not to think over this because best solution is here i.e. “File Recovery”. This tool is worth to be trusted for an accurate and easy to perform corrupt hard drive file recovery. This File Recovery tool also helps you to recover files from memory stick in case of any data loss scenarios.

Download the demo version of the software from the site and check its effectiveness before purchasing it

Let’s discuss some of the data loss scenarios

  • Bugs in OS:Operating systems often get bugs as they are used constantly to achieve various tasks. The software and hardware malfunctioning affects the operating system and leads to corruption in hard disk and all the files stored on it become inaccessible or deleted.
  • Virus Infection: Virus is malicious software program. They spread from one computer to other by replicating themselves and also by sharing the infected files. This gets into your hard disk by different means and infects all your system files. When they infect files they damage its content and cause the file to be lost.
  • Power Surge:As all know, hard drive needs power for its working. If the power surge occurs it affects the hard drive and causes its damage due to sudden electric charge boost on the power lines. As a result the large amount of files is made inaccessible as the hard drive stops working.
  • Human Errors: The hard drives are often used by users to store important and crucial information. Hence it becomes a necessity to manage the hard disk to keep them away from virus infections. Users fail to manage their drives and often this leads to deletion of files. You may also delete files mistakenly, using Shift Delete key and then these files will be deleted permanently. In order to know how to get shift deleted files back on computer, one can take the help of this advanced recovery software and easily overcome from such problems.

No matter whatever the cause of loss might be File Recovery tool retrieve files effectively.You can also restore files from SD card, MMC, memory stick, USB drives, etc. File Recovery tool is a robust application that yields efficient results within least possible time and occupies very little disk space. It allows the user to view the file prior to restore files Mac and Windows OS, to filter the recovery of unwanted files and save recovery session to avoid duplication of work. It supports to restore word files, photo, videos, text files etc. from hard drive such as SATA, SCSI, IDE, etc. Moreover, this tool is compatible with all Windows and Mac OS X including their latest versions Windows 10, and macOS High Sierra, & earlier versions too.

In addition, it is a safe and secure recovery tool that is free from any kind of virus or malware applications. This tool allows you to perform corrupt hard drive file recovery based on its name, size, date, etc. It supports to recover files from hard drive array partitions such as RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5. If you want to get back your files from RAID partition then you just need to follow few simple steps. It can also able to perform pen drive file recovery as well as from memory cards, memory sticks and other different storage devices within minutes. Easy file recovery utility can also be used to access deleted excel files after accidental deletion, virus attack, improper transferring of files, etc.

Procedure of Recovering Files from Corrupted Hard Drive:

Step1: Install the software after downloading it from the site. Run the software and on the first window select “Recover Files” option.

Easy File Recovery - Main Screen

Figure a: Main Screen

Step2: In the second screen select “Recover Deleted files” option or “Recover Lost Files”option and click "Next" option and the recovery process is initiated

Easy File Recovery - Select the logical drive

Figure b: Select drive

Step3: On completion of recovery process it provides you with a set of undeleted files. Preview the required file by double clicking on it and save it once you purchase the product.

Easy File Recovery - Preview screen

Figure c: Recovered Files List

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks Users