NTFS Partition Recovery


Partitions are essential components of computer.The user stores various types of files in different partition. Hence data present in the system can be arranged in the systematic order. Among the different partitions NFTS is the one that is most commonly used in the Windows Operating systems. Different types of files are stored in these partitions like audio files, video files, documents and many others that are required by the Operating System. As disaster keeps striking now and then some of the partitions that are present in the system get deleted due to simple human errors or as result of some scenarios that are mentioned below. Don’t get anxious! This is not the permanent loss of the partition. All the information that was stored in it can be recovered with the help of simple graphical user interface that has been installed in the tool. It also allows you to recover files from dead MacBook Air in an effective and efficient way.

Reasons that lead to the deletion of the NTFS partition are:

  • Re-partitioning: Re-partitioning is done to create new partition or to maximize the size of the existing partition. The repartitioning of HDD can be done by using Windows disk manager utility basis on your requirement. If there is any interruption during the process then it may lead to deletion of existing partition.
  • Human Error: Human error is also one of the major reasons that lead to deletion of the partition present in the computer. Selecting the wrong drive and click on the delete option will cause removal of all the information that was present in it.
  • Deletion operation:Sometimes user may delete a partiton willingly thinking that he has backup of all data present in that drive. After deleting the partition, he searches for the backup but he finds that his backup is not up to date or the external device in which his backup files were present got corrupted.

Easy file recovery application which is also used to recover deleted partition NTFS was developed using the services of highly qualified software professionals to restore all the data that is present it the respective partition that has been deleted from the system. This advanced recovery application can also be used to perform HFS file recovery in order to recover deleted partition NTFS files from your Mac system. With the help of deep scanning engines all this tool gets back all the files without missing even a single one and it also preserves the original file names that are associated with these files. It has been loaded with the unique “Save Recovery Session” option which allows the user to save the scanning process at any point of time and resume it at later stage without the need of scanning the entire drive again from the beginning. Just select the saved recovery session from the system and resume the recovery process without wasting any time. Download the demo version of this application and see the chances of saving the retrieved data after the completion of the scanning process and hence purchase the key to gain full access to all the features of this software and perform lost file recovery easily.

The hard drive present in the system gets corrupted due to various reasons which leads to loss of all the files that are present in the respective partition. Need not worry, all corrupt hard drive file recovery and other digital information that was stored in can be recovered using the services of drive recovery tool within few mouse clicks.

You may accidentally delete a file from from hard drive & after that regretting for doing so. You may also lose files due to virus infection, interruption during file transfer, file system corruption, etc. Just by following few simple instructions, you can easily recover files from hard drive without any other difficulty.

Steps to Recover Deleted Partition NTFS:

Step1: Launch the recovery application installed in the system and from the main screen of the tool click on “Recover Partitions/Drives” to begin with the recovery procedure from the NFTS partition which has been deleted.

Recover Deleted Partition NTFS - Main Screen

Figure A: Main Screen

Step2: In the next window click on “Partition Recovery” option and then start the scanning process.

Recover Deleted Partition NTFS - Select the logical drive

Figure B: Select drive

Step3: After the completion of the scanning procedure the files that are restored from the deleted drive are presented in the list and hence the data can be saved as required by the user.

Recover Deleted Partition NTFS - Preview screen

Figure C: Recovered Files List

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users